Webinar: Sparking Family Literacy Moments

By the Ready4K Team Families are essential partners in building early literacy muscles. But catalyzing those moments requires a great plan that: Makes it easy for families Leverages your strengths Encourages families to feel like they’re part of the team In this workshop we explore and practice proven tactics for creating a family-facing literacy programContinue reading “Webinar: Sparking Family Literacy Moments”

Michigan Family Engagement: Insights & Actions from the Field

Ready4K has been really inspired by the work of our diverse partners, who are constantly innovating to improve service to families. So we decided to host this free webinar to highlight great work happening in a state with many families we serve: Michigan. Whether you’re located in Michigan or not, the speakers have insights toContinue reading “Michigan Family Engagement: Insights & Actions from the Field”

Self-Care Resources for Kids, Grown-Ups, and YOU

We could all use some extra self-care. That’s why our experts put together this webinar on SEL for Kids, Grown-Ups, and YOU. We’ve included a ton of resources below, as well as sample messages you can share with your families. Messages Families Use Families have told us that these kinds of SEL support messages haveContinue reading “Self-Care Resources for Kids, Grown-Ups, and YOU”

Social Emotional Learning for Kids, Families, and You

Grown-ups are familiar with modeling literacy and math skills. But when it comes to social-emotional learning, modeling strong skills can be harder. Especially when adults are under stress. In this 1-hour webinar, we’re going to dive deep into the world social-emotional support and family engagement. Join us to explore: Self-care strategies for educators How toContinue reading “Social Emotional Learning for Kids, Families, and You”

Webinar: How to Host a Can’t-Miss Virtual Family Event

By the Ready4K Team Literacy Nights, Family Fun Evenings, Learn-Togethers: your family workshops are critical to setting families up for success. In fact, state or federal funding often requires them! Today’s unusual situation means we’re all learning new ways to support families from afar. And that includes family workshops. So how do you hold aContinue reading “Webinar: How to Host a Can’t-Miss Virtual Family Event”