Benefits of Play (for Grown-Ups)

By Rebecca Honig, Ready4K director of content This blog post has ONE purpose: TO INSPIRE YOU TO PLAY. This blog post writer is going to try many tactics to get you to play. She’s going to pull out all the stops. If this blog post falls short and does NOT inspire you to play, thisContinue reading “Benefits of Play (for Grown-Ups)”

When is a Kindergartener not a Kindergartener?

By Fran Lartigue, Content Manager A: When he’s a burrito! When my son was in kindergarten he would wrap himself in a blanket and proclaim that he was a “burrito” and I should come and eat him up. The first time he did this I smothered him in hot sauce and gobbled him up –Continue reading “When is a Kindergartener not a Kindergartener?”

Beyond Good Intentions: Lessons Learned for Inspiring Family Engagement

By Maya Sussman, Director of Product My inbox is like a journey through my own great intentions. 12 heart-healthy fall recipes Best hikes on the West Coast Your Personal Trainer is Waiting! Great offers are everywhere. The problem is that these offers often backfire. Instead of taking action, I end up feeling overwhelmed by allContinue reading “Beyond Good Intentions: Lessons Learned for Inspiring Family Engagement”

An End to the Plan-ic

By Maya Sussman, director of product I almost didn’t see the little girl on her Strider, sliding down the hill. I was so focused on my plan for getting up this steep hill, dodging kids just wasn’t on my radar. Thankfully, while I was panicking, she gave herself another scoot, propelling her bike in aContinue reading “An End to the Plan-ic”

A Message on Racial Injustice

Like much of the nation, we are gripped by feelings of hurt and anger in the wake of the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless other members of the black community. In solidarity with black families, educators and community members, we are committed to listening, learning, growing and actingContinue reading “A Message on Racial Injustice”