Concrete Resources Families Want

By Maya Sussman, director of product December may be the “Season of Giving,” but we know that schools, Head Starts, and community-based organizations are in the business of giving all year round. Our partners share concrete resources, opportunities, and advice with families constantly, based on their unique understanding of their community’s needs and strengths. ButContinue reading “Concrete Resources Families Want”

Ready4K is Going to Middle School!

By Rebecca Honig, director of content When my first child went to elementary school I basically went with her. I mean, I didn’t enroll officially, but there were enough PTA meetings, classroom volunteer opportunities, conferences, concerts, family nights, and field trips to give me the general sense that I was traveling through each grade rightContinue reading “Ready4K is Going to Middle School!”

Ready for Grade 5 Families

By Françoise Lartigue, M.Ed., Ready4K senior content and curriculum specialist When I was in the throes of parenting toddler twins and a preschooler, bleary eyed and physically exhausted, a friend with older children said, “Don’t worry it’ll shift. Parenting young children is mostly physically demanding. Parenting older kids is more mentally demanding.” “Oh”, I saidContinue reading “Ready for Grade 5 Families”

Self-Care: Are Families Actually Doing It?

By Maya Sussman, Ready4K director of product “Last night I slept on a baseball…” A year ago today this line opened our call-to-action about taking Self-Care in Small Moments. We knew that with the pandemic wreaking havoc with everyone’s daily routine, and stress skyrocketing, creative solutions to self-care were essential.  We were so excited toContinue reading “Self-Care: Are Families Actually Doing It?”

Summer Fun the Ready4K Way

It’s 10 in the morning but the sun is already hot. The little boy, who is supposed to be participating in my next swim lesson, is clinging to his mother’s leg.  His name is James. He looks hot and his face is stained with tears. learning goals “I don’t wanna swim,” he says—quietly at firstContinue reading “Summer Fun the Ready4K Way”