“Recalculating…”: Calm-Down Strategies for Every Age

By Francoise Lartigue, Content Manager Lately I feel like an old GPS system. The kind that announces it is “recalculating” every time you miss a turn, as it tries to find a new route. Because each time my family gets a bit of traction, like with a new routine or plan, something seems to throwContinue reading ““Recalculating…”: Calm-Down Strategies for Every Age”

Beyond Good Intentions: Lessons Learned for Inspiring Family Engagement

By Maya Sussman, Director of Product My inbox is like a journey through my own great intentions. 12 heart-healthy fall recipes Best hikes on the West Coast Your Personal Trainer is Waiting! Great offers are everywhere. The problem is that these offers often backfire. Instead of taking action, I end up feeling overwhelmed by allContinue reading “Beyond Good Intentions: Lessons Learned for Inspiring Family Engagement”

Make Your Lifeline Unmissable

By Fran Lartigue, Content Manager, Ready4K About 8 years ago, when my twins had just turned 1, my daughter was 4 and my husband was on a business trip in NYC, I got one of “those” phone calls. The type that you are totally unprepared for, delivering breathtaking bad news.  I saw a number didContinue reading “Make Your Lifeline Unmissable”