Ready for Grade 5 Families

By Françoise Lartigue, M.Ed., Ready4K senior content and curriculum specialist When I was in the throes of parenting toddler twins and a preschooler, bleary eyed and physically exhausted, a friend with older children said, “Don’t worry it’ll shift. Parenting young children is mostly physically demanding. Parenting older kids is more mentally demanding.” “Oh”, I saidContinue reading “Ready for Grade 5 Families”

Summer Fun the Ready4K Way

It’s 10 in the morning but the sun is already hot. The little boy, who is supposed to be participating in my next swim lesson, is clinging to his mother’s leg.  His name is James. He looks hot and his face is stained with tears. learning goals “I don’t wanna swim,” he says—quietly at firstContinue reading “Summer Fun the Ready4K Way”

5 Literacy Skills Parents Love to Practice

By April Hawkins, Marketing Manager Literacy skills can be fun for parents and caregivers. I learned this firsthand when my spouse and I signed up to be foster parents. Before we knew it, we had three kids in our care, including a first grader who had not yet learned to read. We taught her literacyContinue reading “5 Literacy Skills Parents Love to Practice”

You Are Not Alone: Building Mental Health Awareness in 2021

By Françoise Lartigue, Ready4K Content Manager A few weeks ago I ran into a good friend whom I hadn’t seen in awhile. Before I could get a word in, she stated “Don’t even ask me how I am doing!” “Okay” I responded, “So how are you coping then?” “Ha, ha!,” she said. “Not well andContinue reading “You Are Not Alone: Building Mental Health Awareness in 2021”

Feelings First

By Rebecca Honig, Director of Content and Curriculum Every day, for the past 4 months, my 9-year-old daughter asks the same question, “How many days till I can hug my friends again?” This longing is echoed by my 13-year old who frequently probes, “When will sleepovers be a thing again?” and worries aloud, “What ifContinue reading “Feelings First”

The Mathephant in the Room

By Rebecca Honig and Françoise Lartigue, Ready4K Content Leaders As we get farther into a school year so disrupted by the pandemic, research is beginning to emerge on areas in which students seem to be experiencing the largest loss. Initial findings suggest that math may be at the top of the list. Three studies basedContinue reading “The Mathephant in the Room”

On Development and Dreams

By Rebecca Honig, Director of Content & Curriculum This weekend I had an opportunity to listen in to a mixed age conversation about dreams. It was a group of PreK-2nd graders. Under normal circumstances they’d be meeting in person to do projects, play together, learn together. This year, like so many things, they come togetherContinue reading “On Development and Dreams”

“Recalculating…”: Calm-Down Strategies for Every Age

By Francoise Lartigue, Content Manager Lately I feel like an old GPS system. The kind that announces it is “recalculating” every time you miss a turn, as it tries to find a new route. Because each time my family gets a bit of traction, like with a new routine or plan, something seems to throwContinue reading ““Recalculating…”: Calm-Down Strategies for Every Age”