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YOU time is important! Don't skip self-care. It powers your parenting.

Self-Care: Are Families Actually Doing It?

By Maya Sussman, Ready4K director of product “Last night I slept on a baseball…” A year ago today this line opened our call-to-action about taking Self-Care in Small Moments. We knew that with the pandemic wreaking havoc with everyone’s daily routine, and stress skyrocketing, creative solutions to self-care were essential.  We were so excited toContinue reading “Self-Care: Are Families Actually Doing It?”

Case Study: Supporting Kamehameha ‘Ohana Where They Are

Dr. Wai‘ale‘ale Sarsona has a mission: to increase access to early learning for families in Hawai’i. Like school leaders across the country, Sarsona faced unexpected challenges when COVID arrived on the islands. But with Hawai‘i’s unique geography and her team’s specific learning goals, she knew the best solution would require thinking differently. As Vice PresidentContinue reading “Case Study: Supporting Kamehameha ‘Ohana Where They Are”

Home Language Matters

By Françoise Lartigue, Ready4K Content Manager “Franchise Latrine.” This was the name that appeared at the top of the first college assignment. And I almost turned it in.  Luckily, I had my roommate proof it and she dissolved in a fit of laughter when she saw the mistake. Disaster averted! When I was an undergrad,Continue reading “Home Language Matters”

You Are Not Alone: Building Mental Health Awareness in 2021

By Françoise Lartigue, Ready4K Content Manager A few weeks ago I ran into a good friend whom I hadn’t seen in awhile. Before I could get a word in, she stated “Don’t even ask me how I am doing!” “Okay” I responded, “So how are you coping then?” “Ha, ha!,” she said. “Not well andContinue reading “You Are Not Alone: Building Mental Health Awareness in 2021”

Same Ocean, Different Boats: Eight Common School Planning Themes

By Curran Mahowald, Ready4K Partnerships Manager When you sit down to dinner after a long day at work, do you immediately begin to unpack your day to a captive audience of your spouse, children, or dog? Or are you laser-focused on the task of consuming your meal, making eye contact with no one but yourContinue reading “Same Ocean, Different Boats: Eight Common School Planning Themes”

Reimagining Family Engagement

By Heer Shaikh, Program Success Manager for Distance Learning Over the last 12 months, I’ve had the opportunity to bear witness to the journey of thousands of educators and hundreds of thousands of families. As Partner Success Manager for Distance Learning at Ready4K, I’ve talked to educators who have completely reinvented the learning experience duringContinue reading “Reimagining Family Engagement”

Feelings First

By Rebecca Honig, Director of Content and Curriculum Every day, for the past 4 months, my 9-year-old daughter asks the same question, “How many days till I can hug my friends again?” This longing is echoed by my 13-year old who frequently probes, “When will sleepovers be a thing again?” and worries aloud, “What ifContinue reading “Feelings First”

Case Study: A Safety Net and a Springboard

By Curran Mahowald, Partnerships Manager Preventing and mitigating the effects of trauma was already a focus back in 2019 when Principal Domenic Russo first presented his vision for Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) and social and emotional learning. That was the year when Lee Antonello Elementary School established a trauma informed partnership with ProjectHEAL.  LikeContinue reading “Case Study: A Safety Net and a Springboard”

On Finding Footing

When the weight of the world is heavy, it can feel hard to know where and how to place your feet to take a stand. This past year there has been a surge of racially fueled hate crimes and racially motivated harassment. The tragedy in Atlanta has brought about an awareness and understanding of theContinue reading “On Finding Footing”

Perfect Recipe for Low-Stress School Data Analysis

When my friend asked what I could bring to her Halloween picnic I texted back without a moment’s hesitation: dessert! I was planning to go dressed as a finalist from the Great British Baking Show, so a beautifully-decorated cake practically was my costume. I spent the week leading up to Halloween watching reruns from CakeContinue reading “Perfect Recipe for Low-Stress School Data Analysis”


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