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Beyond Good Intentions: Lessons Learned for Inspiring Family Engagement

By Maya Sussman, Director of Product My inbox is like a journey through my own great intentions. 12 heart-healthy fall recipes Best hikes on the West Coast Your Personal Trainer is Waiting! Great offers are everywhere. The problem is that these offers often backfire. Instead of taking action, I end up feeling overwhelmed by allContinue reading “Beyond Good Intentions: Lessons Learned for Inspiring Family Engagement”

Webinar: How to Host a Can’t-Miss Virtual Family Event

By the Ready4K Team Literacy Nights, Family Fun Evenings, Learn-Togethers: your family workshops are critical to setting families up for success. In fact, state or federal funding often requires them! Today’s unusual situation means we’re all learning new ways to support families from afar. And that includes family workshops. So how do you hold aContinue reading “Webinar: How to Host a Can’t-Miss Virtual Family Event”

“What’s the news?” Using Questions to Make At-Home Learning Easier

By Ready4K Content Leads, Fran Lartigue and Rebecca Honig Recently I discovered my new favorite media outlet. It’s called “What’s the News?” It’s broadcast live, via Google Classroom, every morning at 9:05 am. The reporters are all seven-year-olds. The host is Ms. F., their second-grade teacher. And the format is always the same. The newsContinue reading ““What’s the news?” Using Questions to Make At-Home Learning Easier”

The Elusive “How” of At-Home Learning

During remote learning, parents are struggling to learn both the “what” and the “how”. But there are ways we can make it easier. Here are a few of our go-to “how” at-home learning strategies that can help your families, too.

Webinar: Getting Family Feedback from Afar

Parent input and feedback has never been more critical to school planning. You need to know what parents are thinking and feeling. Learn survey-based family feedback strategies get the input you really need, in a way that ensures parents feel heard.

Case Study: Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank

Partnerships were a cornerstone to CKBB success in bringing Ready4K to nearly 5000 Cleveland families. “The ability to say ‘we’ve done the vetting and it won’t cost you anything’ has been really important.”

Breathe Deep

Self-Care in Small Moments

Self-care does not have to look like it does in the magazines. Self-care can be improvised, it can be momentary, it can be “catch-as-catch-can.” And that’s okay. It’s actually great! Why? Because it means self-care is actually possible.


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