Beyond Good Intentions: Lessons Learned for Inspiring Family Engagement

By Maya Sussman, Director of Product My inbox is like a journey through my own great intentions. 12 heart-healthy fall recipes Best hikes on the West Coast Your Personal Trainer is Waiting! Great offers are everywhere. The problem is that these offers often backfire. Instead of taking action, I end up feeling overwhelmed by allContinue reading “Beyond Good Intentions: Lessons Learned for Inspiring Family Engagement”

Webinar: How to Host a Can’t-Miss Virtual Family Event

By the Ready4K Team Literacy Nights, Family Fun Evenings, Learn-Togethers: your family workshops are critical to setting families up for success. In fact, state or federal funding often requires them! Today’s unusual situation means we’re all learning new ways to support families from afar. And that includes family workshops. So how do you hold aContinue reading “Webinar: How to Host a Can’t-Miss Virtual Family Event”

“What’s the news?” Using Questions to Make At-Home Learning Easier

By Ready4K Content Leads, Fran Lartigue and Rebecca Honig Recently I discovered my new favorite media outlet. It’s called “What’s the News?” It’s broadcast live, via Google Classroom, every morning at 9:05 am. The reporters are all seven-year-olds. The host is Ms. F., their second-grade teacher. And the format is always the same. The newsContinue reading ““What’s the news?” Using Questions to Make At-Home Learning Easier”

Scaffolding Parental Engagement

By Rebecca Honig, Director of Content & Curriculum Parenting has a distinct lack of scaffolding.  I remember the shock I felt three days after giving birth to my first child when the nurse came in and happily announced, “You get to go home today.”  I was like, “Wait… what…. you’re just going to let meContinue reading “Scaffolding Parental Engagement”

An End to the Plan-ic

By Maya Sussman, director of product I almost didn’t see the little girl on her Strider, sliding down the hill. I was so focused on my plan for getting up this steep hill, dodging kids just wasn’t on my radar. Thankfully, while I was panicking, she gave herself another scoot, propelling her bike in aContinue reading “An End to the Plan-ic”

Goldilocks Family Engagement

By Curran Mahowald, Partner Success This back-to-school season, many educators are managing a tricky tension with their family engagement strategy. They want to provide as much support as possible to families without overwhelming them. And parents are getting lots of digital resources for at-home learning. As a result, many of our partners here at Ready4KContinue reading “Goldilocks Family Engagement”